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Our Projects

Below are a few examples of our recent projects

To find out more information about how our methodology, our people and and our use of technology can help you deliver quality data into your Dynamics 365 programme, contact:


As a part of one of the largest global implementations of Dynamics 365 F&O, we were responsible for the migration of all legacy financial and master data over a 3 year period.

The pinnacle of this was our success in migrating over 450,000 master data records & 500,000 transactional records across 53 legal entities on a single weekend during one of the phased roll-outs of the platform.

...and not a single spreadsheet in sight!

Only an automated load process could have made this task possible without involving the overhead of requiring a large number of individuals to load each set of data - a process that would have been otherwise plagued with the potential for human error.

Dynamics Finance & Operations

Dynamics 365 F&O

We were engaged by a large global client to facilitate movement of all HR-related data from their legacy system to the new Dynamics 365 HR platform.

This involved successfully migrating data for all 118 legal entities.

Our configuration management tool was also employed midway through the project at our clients request; to assist with environment builds and movement of configuration information to new environments.

We successfully delivered a configuration migration tool that accurately transported configuration data to new environments and also reduced the overall turnaround time for configuration transport from 4-5 days to just 3 hours!

Dynamics HR

Dynamics 365 HR

On one of the rare occasions we have been asked to move data out of Dynamics, our SSIS component and the direct access to Dynamics entity data that it provides has proven invaluable. 

Our client is using 3rd Party software to manage projects and our task has involved migrating a myriad of data into the new platform.

The toolset has enabled us to extract hundreds of thousands of rows of Dynamics financial and master data for staging and transformation, ahead of load into the target system, without the need for laborious spreadsheet exports.

Dynamics Extraction

Dynamics 365 Data Extraction
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